Real estate

    Company e-gramatvediba.lv provides optimum solutions and render professional advice considerably facilitating decision-making process for our clients . Our target is to develop advanced support in real estate market and to serve as a trustworthy , professional and constructive advisor meeting all the clients’ requirements and special wishes.

    Transactions with real estate

      Finding real estate and acquisition for client

      Registration of real estate in the Land Register, preparation of the required documents

      Drawing up of buying /selling juridical agreements

      Drawing up of rent and leases juridical agreements

      Drawing up of real estate mortgage juridical agreements

      Termination of rent and lease agreements

      Legal services of matters of joint ownership – rights of use, actual division of property, consulting on co-owners relationship issues

      Legal services of elimination of the discovered drawbacks ( obtaining of inventory valuations and references from the state and local government institutions and archives, organizing of cadastral surveying)

    Planning, managing and financial analyses, legal services and accounting services

      Analyses of the real estate market and optimum utilization of the real estate entities

      Legal services or company e-gramatvediba.lv renders complex support to the real estate owners, managing and administration, lease, rent, planning of profit, organization, etc.

      Legal services of conclusion of agreements and control of collection of charges for public utilities services

      Financial analyses, accounting services

      If You need legal services or accounting services of Company e-gramatvediba.lv in field of real estate, please contact us:

      Tel. (371) 29 112 333

      e-mail: info@e-gramatvediba.lv

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